Medicare Women’s Health Clinic In The Gambia

The Medicare Clinic is a state of the art multi specialty private hospital located in the Brusubi area of the Gambia. It is an emerging center of excellence in healthcare services such as general surgery, urology, cardiology, orthopedics, internal medicine,  endoscopy, laproscopy, intensive care and more.

Medicare clinic is a sister company of Stop Step pharmacy, founded by Mrs Annmary Shallop, who have been passionate about making quality healthcare services accessible and affordable especially to the less privileged in the society.

At Medicare clinic, we ensure that every patient receives optimum care from. Our qualified and well motivated team of health care practitioners. We place optimum value on life, hence every patient receives special attention and care from us.

In our pursuit to offer the highest quality healthcare, in the Gambia, we have chosen people who have inculcated innovation, humaneness, ethics and excellence to deliver premium. Medicare has the most comfortable and reassuring ambience.

Our service philosophy is based on our passion to touch lives in many positives ways, we at Medicare believe that a warm human touch comfort s the patients more than the medicines.